Unique Handcrafted Designer Jewelry     Handmade in New England, USA

The Ark Jewelry Collection

Iconic, Graceful, Wearable Works of Art ~

As Lovely As Their Natural Inspiration.


Ark is a collection of iconic silhouettes designed as earrings, necklaces and charm bracelets, handmade using traditional metalsmithing techniques like piercing, stamping, and etching. Jewelry that expresses big ideas, aspirations, and values, through deeply rooted symbolism, the Ark Jewelry Collection combines ornament with storytelling.





Antiqued Silver Butterfly Earrrings

Legends told that butterflies could carry wishes to the Great Spirit in heaven to be granted. 

 Antique Silver Honey Bee Earrings

Symbolizing diligence, industriousness, immortality and resurrection, Honey Bees have often been used as royal emblems. 

18k Gold Plated Moon Earrings

Associated with love and desire, the New Moon is an auspicious time, and the Full Moon has some unexplainable effect on our behavior.

Antiqued Silver Raven Earrings

 An original superhero, the Raven is often depicted as a trickster, even as he works to save the world and humanity.

Ancient peoples recognized their power to transform nature, and thus the need to live with balance and harmony, never wasting nature's gifts. Animals play key roles in many creation myths where they are respected as equals, and essential to survival, and they are meaningful symbols of our potential. The Ark Collection of handcrafted jewelry is inspired by the animal characters found in cultural mythologies the world over. Based on timeless silhouettes that tell eternal stories of virtue and compassion, love and loss, progress and nostalgia, these inspirational stories of hope and strength tie us to a greater universal purpose and remind us that every person is uniquely powerful. Expressing big ideas, aspirations, and values, through deeply rooted symbolism, Ark combines ornament with storytelling. 

Combining traditional metalsmith techniques like piercing, stamping, and etching, Ark is a collection of iconic-silhouetted images designed as earrings, necklaces and charm bracelets. The Ark Collection will evolve seasonally as new shapes are added.


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