Unique Handcrafted Designer Jewelry     Handmade in New England, USA

metalsmith, enamelist, interior designer...

... and dreamer. However, I do not want to be defined by titles, background or my last collection.  I let my vision define me.  For me the creative process is about making connections; reconsidering, remixing and reimagining what is possible. Take, for example, the flip-flop and the lace-up sandal – one a product of eastern culture, one of western culture; two unique and resilient solutions to the question of what to slip on your feet.  There are so many ways to solve a problem; so many possibilities to explore!

I grew up in the farming country of southeastern Washington State, characterized by National Geographic as "A Paradise called the Palouse". This early influence created a lifelong love of folk art and indigenous arts and crafts.  I learned to value nature, heritage, storytelling and the elegance of simplicity. I also had the advantage of lots of personal freedom, the safety of a small community and solitude.  More than a designer, these influences have made me a design thinker.  Design is my world view; I use design as a thought process to solve all kinds of problems, from crafting beautiful earrings to designing dynamic and complex buildings.

My work is a reflection of the world around me, experienced every day - with my family, in nature, in my travels, and in architecture.  I love to travel, and to meet people and hear their stories. I am fascinated with myths and folk stories that recount heroic adventures and strive to express the mystery and complexity of the human experience. I am captivated by the shape, color and simplicity of a beach stone, a tree branch or a landscape, by ethnic and traditional handicrafts and textiles, by worn brass door-knockers on peeling paint and old wrought iron gates in hand laid stone walls, and by vintage toys and mobiles, just to name a few things! It all serves as inspiration. When I am dreaming, sketching and designing I draw on this stimulation to influence, motivate and reveal, synthesizing insights into tangible new ideas.

Each resulting piece is created to be inspiring, to be delightful, and to be enjoyed!


For Jenne Rayburn's Artist Statement and Line Descriptions Please CLICK HERE

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