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Ossis Collection

Unconventionally sophisticated jewelry, Reflections on the personal journey.



Jenne Rayburn Faceted Stud and Labradorite Earrings

I think my love of momento-mori started with a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico and experiencing the Día de los Muertos, a celebration of life where the souls of the dead come back from paradise to visit their loved ones. It is a time of reflection about the meaning of life and the mission that one needs to fulfill. The Ossis Collection speaks to transience, transcendence and transformation. These designs are not about 'bling'; they are artisanal, idiosyncratic, and personal. Included in the Ossis Collection are designs made from and inspired by bone. One of the first materials used by Native Americans to make beads were bones. The bones of the animals they killed were used to make jewelry because they believed it was wasteful to discard any part of the animal, and because they believed that the souls of the animals still lived in the parts of the animal. The wearer of the jewelry would therefore inherit the traits of the animal while wearing the beads, and the souls of the animals could live on too - this is a beautiful reflection of the belief that we are all connected in an important circle. Bones adorned the most skillful and respected leaders, as well as the wisest healers. The Ossis Collection is built around the importance of personal narrative and cultural narrative in creating identity, memory and meaning. Using sculpting, casting and traditional metalsmithing techniques, the pieces are expressive and intimate, and often incorporate vanitas and momento-mori. Designs take inspiration from nature, incorporating bone, rough cut gemstones and raw materials for an unassuming yet refined style. Ossis celebrates life and death, and reflects on our obligation to the past, present and future. The Ossis Collection will evolve seasonally as new designs are added.

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